Tori Abernathy



Printed on Risograph ink in an edition of 150 at Printed Matter as part of a publishing residency with Red76 for Learn to Read Art

Autofocus is named so because it follows the format of Autofocus magazines dispersed for free in the Detroit area. This magazine consists of ads for cars from a number of local dealerships. Autofocus (redux) retains the format, graphic design, and imagery of the original publication, but replaces the text with poetry, critical essays, and other content that affectively responds to concerns around the car. Some of these concerns highlighted are specific to Detroit: the myth that ‘no one rides the bus’, activism in the car factories, the inability to access fresh food and other resources sans car, etc. These and other concerns are included, all commenting on national trends: the rise of Uber and ‘car sharing’, the shift in subprime lending practices towards title loans, and land redistribution resulting from highway development.